Wana Anga Medical Cover (WANAMECO)


WANAMECO is a product offered by WANA-ANGA SACCO to assist members and their dependants cater for medical their medical expenses in case if inpatient hospitalization.

Currently WANAMECO has a membership of approximately 1500 members with a total monthly average contribution of Kshs.175, 000


To meet in-patient medical expenses for WANAMECO members and dependants

Source of Funds

WANAMECO shall be financed as indicated below:

Claims Procedure
  • Membership fee
  • Monthly Contribution
  • Fines
  • Loans grants and donations
  • Other legally accepted sources
  • All members of WANA-ANGA SACCO may be members of WANAMECO upon payment of registration fee of Ksh 100 and monthly contribution of Ksh 200 both of which will be reviewed by the Board from time to time.
  • All dependants of WANA-ANGA SACCO members may be members of WANAMECO upon payment of registration fee of Ksh 100 and monthly contribution of Ksh 100 both of which will be reviewed by the Board from time to time.
  • A member shall qualify for WANAMECO cover after contributing for at least one year.
  • Members of WANA-ANGA SACCO can register their spouse and children below 22 years as members of WANAMECO.
  • Monthly contributions shall be through check-off system and any other acceptable mode of payment.
  • Membership will not be transferable.
  • A member may lose his/her membership if he/she lodges false claims.
  • Registration fee and monthly contribution for both members and dependants shall be decided by the board and approved by the AGM
  • A member who fails to pay the monthly contributions for three consecutive months shall be considered a defaulter and hence shall not be eligible for any WANAMECO benefits. Such a member will be reinstated and be eligible for benefits subject to payment of contributions for a continuous period of one year.
  • Membership to WANAMECO shall be subject to the approval by the board
  • The Board shall maintain the records of WANAMECO.
  • Claims shall be made on production of certified invoices/receipts from a recognized medical institution with attachment of copies of either identity card or birth certificate of the patient.
  • The claim form must be certified by a medical practitioner, an administrative official, clergy and witnessed by two members of WANA-ANGA.
  • False claims shall be recovered in full with a penalty determined by the Board.
  • The fund shall not cover cases related to pregnancy and delivery.
  • After the first claim any subsequent claim by the same claimant will be determined by the Board

    You can Download the Wanameco Claim form here


    The health of our Members is our priority, and WANAMECO shall strive to ensure that members continue to get maximum support regarding their health. A healthy member is a productive worker.

    All members are urged to take advantage of WANAMECO facility to cover themselves and their family members as it caters for Inpatient Hospitalization and also considering its low costs.

    There are no limitations in contributing to WANAMECO regardless of whether the contributor has other Medical covers. Members are requested to inform the office as soon as they/their beneficiaries are admitted to hospital. This would assist WANAMECO to pay promptly and monitor the patient’s recovery in the Hospital.