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The Sacco of All Time

Wana-anga Front Office Services (Wanfro) started operating in 1998 after the review of the Co-operative Act Cap 460, which allowed societies to operate independently with limited supervision from the Ministry of Co-operatives.


The loan policy for Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (commonly referred to as SACCO societies) was last reviewed in 1992, under the Commissioner's circular letter No. MCD/ORG/7/VOL11/55 of 6th August 1992.

Exit and Benovelent Fund

To address welfare of exiting/ bereaved members.

Fixed Deposit Account

Wana-anga SACCO offers one of the best fixed deposit rates in the market. Our rates are driven by the fact that our customers should get the best returns on their investments. For more information on rates, please call 0712 710117.


WANAMECO is a product offered by WANA-ANGA SACCO to assist members and their dependents in catering for their medical expenses in the event of inpatient hospitalization.