Executive Committee

Finance/Business Support Committee
Audit Committee
Credit Committee
HR and Education committee
Supervisory Committee Members

Executive Committee

Chair – Charles Ngunjiri

V. Chair- Martin Oloo

Secretary – Edward Muriuki

Treasurer- Peter Ouma Oloo


Audit Committee                                                             

Chair- John Muiruri

Secretary- Sheila Matheka

Member- Lilian Wanyiri

Finance/Business Support Committee

Chair- Peter Oloo

Secretary- Magdaline Gateri

Member-Claudius Ogundu

Credit Committee

Chairman- Magdaline Gateri

Secretary- Claudius Ogundu

Member- John Muiruri

HR and Education committee

Chair-Martin Oloo

Secretary- Lilian Wanyiri

Member- Sheila Matheka

Member- Edward Muriuki

Supervisory Committee Members

Chair- John Nguyo

Secretary- Mary Kurgat

Member- Henry Sese

The Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is an oversight committee elected at a General Meeting. It comprises three members; the Chairman, secretary and a member. The members of the Supervisory Committee should not be individuals serving in the Management Committee. This committee should completely be independent from any control of the Management Committee. The Committee should always be alert to ensure that the transactions of the Society are carried out with accuracy and honesty. All this should be within the requirements of the Co-operative Societies Act, rules and by-laws. It is for this reason that the Supervisory Committee organizes regular audits of affairs of the SACCO Society.

What the Supervisory Committee should Do

  • Make or cause to be made meaningful audits regularly
  • Submit audit reports to the Management Committee and the Commissioner
  • Verify the members’ shares and loan balances
  • When necessary for due reasons recommend the suspension of the Management Committee
  • Call special General Meetings whenever necessary
  • Maintain the committee records
  • Report to the members at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting
  • Follow up on the recommendations and suggestions of the committee. This may be derived from the previous audits of the committee and establish that actions were taken
  • Verify all transactions of the Society

What the Supervisory Committee Does not do

  • Participate directly in any of the activities or operations of the Management Committee
  • Judge the operations and decisions taken by the Management Committee officials on personal criteria. Any evaluation should be done on the basis of the Co-operative Society’s Act, Rules, By-laws and the internal policy of the SACCO Society,
  • Create antagonism or dissension among committee members and employees
  • Make public its report before it is known by the Management Committee
  • Make report on the basis of rumours or imprecise information. Any errors noted should be based on evaluation of first hand information